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Activity:     Volleyball Unit



To give students a basic understanding of the game of volleyball.

To provide opportunities for enjoyment of this sport as a lifetime activity.

To have students incorporate fitness into the lesson.

To know the importance of safety and to practice safe play.

To use class time effectively.

To enhance social skill


Lesson 1:  Introduction to Volleyball

Students are shown the area of the gym that represents the volleyball court.

Students are given correct vocabulary terms used in describing the volleyball court area.

Basic rules of the game are reviewed and practiced.


Skill:  Underhand serving technique

Stance:  feet shoulder width apart facing the net.   Step forward on the opposite foot.     Bend knees slightly and lean forward.  Hold the ball at waist level in the palm and fingers of your non-serving hand.

Movement:  Open your hand; straighten your serving arm, swing it back and then forward to contact the ball.  Follow through and step forward as you make contact with the ball.

Lesson 2:  Volleyball review

Students are tested on volleyball court rules

Review basic rules and correct vocabulary terms in the game of volleyball


Skill:   Court positions

Students are shown rotation and rotation order.

Practice playing their positions

Students are shown serving orders

Lesson 3:  Volley and serve reception

The overhead Pass, also know as the volley, set or face pass is used to pass the ball among teammates during a game.

Body and hand position:  Stand in ready position.   Spread fingers of both hands in a cup position with thumbs and index fingers forming a triangle above your face to look through and see the ball.

Movement:  Position directly under the ball as it comes towards you, knees and elbows bent.  Watch the ball constantly.

Procedure:  Students will be given various partner setting and volleying tasks.  Students will then play a game of volleyball practicing knowledge of basic rules. Health/P.E. Standard 10.3.3, 10.4.3, 10.3.6, 10.4.6

Lesson 4:  The forearm pass   (the bump)

The bump pass; also know as the forearm pass is used when the ball comes in contact with the body at a level below the waist.

Body and Arm position: Place the knuckles of one hand into the palm of the other hand.  Thumbs are side to side with thumbs up.

Making contact:  Move towards the ball, bending your knees to get under it.  Watch the ball.   Arms are together and extended.

Procedures:    Practice with a partner.  One ball per partner group.  Students will play a game of volleyball stressing all the skills learned thus far. Health/P.E. Standard 10.3.3, 10.4.3, 10.3.6, 10.4.6