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Course Syllabus

Woodland Hills Academy
Mr. Endler Math7/Algebra 1 Rm 109
                      E-mail: endlja@whsd.net                                                    
                     Phone: 412-824-2450 ext. 4168
                     Voicemail: ext 00777
Course Description
Math class will primarily focus on preparing students for two major themes. The first involves making sure students are learning the necessary skills in order to proceed to the next course level, either Intro8, Algebra 1 or Geometry.   The second involves making sure students are learning the necessary skills in order to score proficient or better on the PSSA and Algebra 1 Keystone. Each lesson developed will address both of these important themes and, at the same time, try to relieve math anxiety that plagues many of the students. Appropriate pacing will occur to ensure that no student is left behind and challenges will be available to those students who wish to excel in the area of mathematics. With hard work from the teacher, the parent(s), and the student, this will be a very successful year in math class.
Course Policies
I.                   HALL PASSES. Students will not be excused from class unless an emergency or a health problem exists. Students will have two minutes between classes to go directly to their next class. Students MUST have a pass from the teacher to be excused. The first five minutes and the last five minutes will NOT be times for the restroom.  A hall pass will be issued on request. 
II.                TARDINESS. You are expected to be INSIDE the room and ready to begin the warm-up activity two minutes after the bell has rung.  This is plenty of time to get to class as the majority of classes are on the same floor.  Each offense will incur a stiffer penalty resulting in a lunch detention and eventually a meeting with the principal.
III.             CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR. Your responsibilities in this class according to WHSD are:
A.    Be Productive: Follow all instructions. 
B.     Be Prompt: You must be at your seat on time.
C.     Be Prepared: Bring a notebook, homework, writing utensils, and your mind.
D.    Be Polite: Respect every person and all property.
1.      Be in your assigned seat.
2.      Be prepared with your mind and your materials. 
3.      Listen and work quietly, do not talk while the teacher is instructing. 
4.      Raise your hand and wait to be called upon. 
5.      Show respect at all times.
6.      Complete all assigned work (and participate in discussions) with quality and efficiency.
7.      No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom unless teacher approved. 
8.      Bring your folder/notebook and a writing utensil to class.
V.                ABSENCES & MAKE-UP WORK. You are expected to make up any work missed due to absence. You will be given reasonable time (usually 1 to 2 days) to turn in missed assignments. Assignments are due the day you come back if you were present when the due date was given. Likewise if you were absent on a test day, you will be expected to make up the test the day you return to school. If an issue arises, please see your teacher BEFORE the due date to make arrangements, if applicable.      
A.    Homework will be assigned daily except on Fridays. This could vary depending on test days and holidays.
B.     Homework is graded based on effort and by percents rather than accumulated points.         My homework grading rubric is as follows:
Full-Credit (100%)
·         On time
·         Mostly done
·         Mostly correct
Half-Credit (50%)
·         Late
·         Partially done
·         Partially correct
No-Credit (0%)
·         Never turned in
C.    Tests and/or Quizzes will be given periodically based on when the class finishes a section or a chapter. Tests will be graded by dividing the number of points earned by the total number of points available.
D.    My course grading system rubric is as follows:
Tests – 40%
Quizzes – 25%
Homework – 20%
Lab – 15%
E.     Extra Credit work will be offered occasionally but should not be relied on to boost grades.
F.      Cheating will not be tolerated. A “0” will be recorded for that assignment and/or test.  
G.    The WHSD grading scale is as follows:
                  90 – 100% = A
                                    80 -- 89% = B
70 – 79% = C
60 – 69% = D
59% or lower = F
Course Procedures
I.          When you come into class, take out your notebooks or apiece of paper, date the notes, and begin the bell opener on the board. When class is over, clean up your area and prepare to move to your next scheduled class.
II.        Sit in your assigned seat and look at the board or Promethean board to see what you are to begin working on for that day. Stay on task throughout the lesson or activity and always do your best.      
III.             Do not line up by the door. Remain in your seats until the teacher dismisses the class.
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*****Please call or e-mail me at any point to discuss grades, behavior, or for help.*****