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What is Energy

What is Energy
*The ability to do work


Different Types of Energy

-Chemical Energy: food, batteries, wood

-Heat Energy: heat, fire, light

- Mechanical Energy: flowing water, birds flapping wings

- Electromagnetic Energy: T.V., radio, telephones

- Nuclear Energy: Powerplants

- Kinetic Energy: Energy of moving objects (moving car, waterfalls, kicking a ball)

- Potential Energy: useable energy with someing at rest (stretching a rubber band)

*Transfer of Energy: The sun sends energy to the earth. The grass stores the energy from the sun. The cows eat the grass. The cows produce milk. We drink the milk which has the energy in it form the sun!


* Energy and the water cycle connect because the energy from the sun heats up the water on the earth for evaporation to occur!