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Reading and Language Arts, Periods 1 & 2  

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Mr. Erickson        2016-2017
Welcome to Reading and Language Arts, grade 7.  In grade 7, students improve their fluency and reading comprehension, as well as apply past knowledge and skills to an expanded use of language.  There will be extensive reading and writing in this class.  The seventh grade standards are organized under five areas of study – reading/literature, listening, speaking, writing and research.
Class Materials
Textbook - Our basic textbook will be Glencoe Literature Reading with Purpose, 2007; McGraw Hill & Co.  This text is kept in class.  We also use Glencoe Grammar Handbook.  We will also read four novels.

Materials that students must bring to class everyday!
Planner                                Homework
Notebook/Folder                            Pencil or Pen
Grading Criteria: Each 9-week grading period:
                 Bell Ringer Assignments – 25 %
    In -Class assignments – 30 %                    Homework – 15%
Reading/Participation –  20 %                    Quizzes / Tests – 10%
There are approximately 1500 total points possible each nine weeks.

Course Policies:
•    Late to class: students are expected to be in their seat before the late bell sounds.   
Late to Class = After School Detention.
•    Class participation/Attitude: Oral reading and class discussion is mandatory; a class participation grade will be given as part of the overall grade, including reading aloud and answering questions.
•    Missed assignments: weekly make-up work will be given for absent students. If an assignment was assigned, it is due the day you return to school.  Absent folders are located in the room and it is your responsibility to retrieve your missed assignments.
•    Academic dishonesty: cheating and plagiarism are not permitted.  Talking during a test will be considered cheating.  If you have a question during a test ask the teacher, not the person sitting next to you. The penalty for cheating is a zero score.

Bonus Points:
The students may complete an extra credit project per each nine weeks. These projects will be literature studies and/or book reports. The extra credit will be worth up to 10 %.

From our textbook, we will read a variety of types of literature.  These include short stories, essays, poetry, myths, folk tales and non-fiction articles.  The focus will be on improving your critical thinking skills, comprehension and fluency in reading.  We will also use reading selections that are on-line, on the Promethian Board, as homework, and in workbooks.

Reading / Lang. Arts 7 Course, Erickson, Page 2

You will be writing about reading in a variety of forms.  You will create webs and diagrams.  You will also write poems, essays, analysis paragraphs, short stories and non-fiction narratives.

Test Preparation:
You will prepare for the PSSA test by completing in-class prep tests.  You will also utilize Skills Tutor, and A+ software programs, to prepare for your standardized reading test.  There are also PSSA Prep Workbooks that are tied into our textbook, which we will use extensively.

Completing your homework is mandatory.  It is worth valuable points toward your grade, and helps you in preparing for tests and quizzes.  We also scaffold lessons by basing Thursday’s class upon Wednesday’s homework.  Homework is assigned every Wednesday.

Independent Reading:
You are expected to independently read books.  You will also be assigned novels to read outside of class.  You will be asked to write about and discuss books that you are reading on your own.  You may also write about these books for extra credit.  There will be a voluntary Battle of the Books in the Spring.

Classroom Rules:
•    Follow directions and listen.  You will be held accountable for your own behavior.
•    Be seated and quietly completing the opening activity on the board, before the bell rings.
•    Leave the room the way you found it…pick up any materials you left on the floor and do not move your desk.  Do not touch other students or other students’ materials.
•    Raise your hand to answer a question or make a comment.  Raise your hand for help.  Raise your hand to sharpen your pencil, throw something away or leave your seat for any reason.
•    Only if you are completing your opening assignment will you be offered a pass to go to the bathroom, the nurse, your locker, etc.
•    Do not talk while the teacher is talking or while another student is reading.  This is highly disrespectful to the reader, the teacher and to the rest of the class.
•    Respect your fellow students and teacher, as you would like to be respected.
•    Follow all Woodland Hills School District procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook.
Objectives in Grade Seven:
A.    The student will vary strategies, such as skimming, scanning, using subheadings, and reading rate to read a variety of texts effectively.
B.    The student will read a variety of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.   Describe and analyze setting, plot structure, characterization, purpose, point of view, and theme or conflict.  
C.    The student will read and use strategies to understand information from varied sources.
D.    The student will read technical and career related materials and a range of literature created for adolescents in all content areas.
E.    The student will analyze important elements of complete texts and evaluate relationships to the whole in both print and non-print sources.
F.    The student will expand a rich vocabulary through reading experiences with varied, meaningful texts.
G.    The student will read a variety of formats, such as stories, poems, plays, reports and other writing across the curriculum.
H.    The student will assimilate and synthesize information from various sources and convey it clearly to others.
I.    The student will place a variety of works into appropriate historical and cultural context and relate them to other situations, content areas, and time periods.
J.    The student will select and read from a wide range of cultures and genres.


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