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World History 7  

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Course Description:  World History 7 will focus on building strong understanding of ancient civilizations, geography skills and historical analysis.  Additionally, the course will focus on the WHSD student handbook, themes of geography and current events.  Throughout the year, students will work to develop a variety of essential higher-level skills including: literacy, critical thinking, research, map, graphing, reading writing, and technology.  This is a required year-long course for all 7th grade students.


Course Requirements:

1.      Students will come prepared:  

Bring the Materials you need to class: Notebook, Pencil, assignment, Textbook

2.      Students will be respectful:

Respect goes around---your teacher, your school, your classmates and YOURSELF !!

3.      Students will be on-task:

You must remain on task----you will NEVER sit bored without an assignment.

4.      Students will follow directions:

       You must listen and follow my directions in order to be successful.


Course Timeline: 

Unit 1 Into / Handbook

Unit 2 Geography

Unit 3 PA Studies Review

Unit 4 Civilizations of the Americas

Unit 5 Renaissance and Reformation



Unit 6 The African Kingdom

Unit 7 African American History

Unit 8 Exploring Asia

Unit 9The Enlightenment






Daily Classroom Activities / Procedures 

·  Notes / Discussion

·  Homework

·  Internet Research / Film Clips

·  Vocabulary - Summarizing

·  Independent / Group Reading

·  Group Projects



A: 100-90

B:  89-80

C:  79-70

D:  69-60

F:   59- Below


Exams:  Students will take two to three chapter exams during a nine-week grading period. Students will be notified at least 2 days in advance for all unit exams.   


Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given on a regular basis depending on topics being discussed.  They may be announced or un-announced.


In-Class Assignments:  If I give class time to do an assignment you must be working on the task at hand.  If you are off task you will lose points accordingly. 



Homework:  Homework will be given at least once a week.  Homework must be completed in order to achieve the highest-grade level.  Late work is always accepted.  Make every effort to get the homework assignment completed and turned in.


Famous 50:  Students will be given two names a day of people in the news or of famous people in our world.  Once the amount of names has reached a list of 50, the students will be tested on the Famous 50.  This activity will develop and educate the student on important world, national, and local affairs.


Participation:  Class participation is expected and required each and every day.  Participation points will be deducted for failure to obey classroom rules, student absence or poor classroom behavior.


-          All students begin the 9 weeks with an A.  It is up to the student to then keep that A by performing at  

      his or her own potential.  Class rules and expectations are posted in the classroom. Students should       

      be aware of the rules and act accordingly.


-         History is an area of Social Studies.  Therefore it is expected of a student to be social listeners, thinkers, and speakers when in this class.  The more a student is heard or shares his or her opinion with the class, the more likely they will be successful in class.  It is understood that students can meet this requirement in ways that meet their specific needs.


Extra Credit:            Students may turn in up to 5 assignments (10 pts each) for extra credit in one 9 week grading period.  Newspaper articles from home, pertaining to class material, should be turned in with a brief paragraph summarization of the article attached.  The points will be added to the student’s accumulated totals for that 9-week grading period.



Have fun and smile. It’s only History class!


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