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U.S. History 8  

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Course Content- What we are going to learn!!


1. Geography of the America’s

- In depth study of North American geography.

2. Early European Settlements of the America’s

- Identify the explorers of North America.

- Identify the reasons why Europeans settled North America.

3. Struggle for Independence

- Identify the reasons why the 13 colonies wanted top gain their


- Identify the first steps towards revolution by the 13 colonies.

4. Growth of the United States

- Examine the growth of the United States from 13 colonies to 50 states.

5. The Civil War

- Identify the reasons for the Civil War.

- Trace the major events of the War

- Identify the role President Lincoln played in saving the Union.

6. Current Events

- Identify the weekly events that will take place in our world, country, state, and local cities.




Totals 775- 850 pts. 400 pts.


Grading Criteria


9 week grading periods (estimated):


Chapter Exams 400 pts.

Quizzes and Current Events 50 pts.

In class assignments/ Homework 150-200 pts.

Famous 50 Test 100 pts.

Attitude, Notebook, Participation 100 pts.


- How you will get a good grade!!

Possible points

Students will be required to demonstrate understanding by taking chapter exams. The tests are a combination of multiple choice, true or false, matching and open ended response.


Quizzes and Current Event work:

50 pts.

- Quizzes will be given periodically so that the teacher can judge the level at which the students are learning.

- Current Events assignment will be discussed and debated from time to time as to keep the student aware and informed to the world around them.




Students will be required to complete assignment in and out of the classroom.

The assignments will vary in degree of point totals.

Examples of assignments

group work worksheets map exercises

take home essays library research document interpretation

APEX Assignments



Each student is required to have a notebook and bring it to class everyday. The notebook should be neat and organized. Notes in class are to labeled and dated in the order they are covered. Material on the test will be made up of theinformation put in to the students notebook. It is the responsibility of the student to make up any notes they miss on his or her time. .


Attitude and Participation


- All students begin the 9 weeks with an A. It is up to the student to then keep that A by performing at his or her own potential. Class rules and expectations are posted in the classroom. Students should be aware of the rules and act accordingly.

- History is an area of Social Studies. Therefore it is expected of a student to be social listeners, thinkers and speakers when in this class. The more a student is heard or shares his or her opinion with the class, the more likely they will be successful in class. It is understood that students can meet this requirement in ways that meet their specific needs. 

50 pts. Possible

Extra Credit:

Students may turn in up to 5 assignments (10 pts each) for extra credit in one 9 week grading period. Newspaper articles from home, pertaining to class material, should be turned in with a brief paragraph explanation of the article attached. The points are added to the student’s accumulated totals.

: 100 pts.
: 150-200 pts.
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