Congratulations to the Woodland Hills Class of 2022!

Class of 2022 Graduation

Resilience was the theme of the Woodland Hills High School commencement ceremony Friday evening. After all of the challenges and adversity that the Class of 2022 endured, a bit of rain wasn't going to dampen the atmosphere. The Woodland Hills Class of 2022 received over $8.8 million in college scholarships and featured a number of students pursuing military, vocational and technical schools, and immediate job offers.

The student speakers each emphasized the challenges the Class of 2022 had to endure. Josiah Martin, President of the National Honors Society, reminded his classmates of the power of dreams even in the face of adversity.

"I'm confident that the power of dreams is vested within each and every one of us," Martin said. "It drives us. it molded us into the determined and powerful individuals that we are today. The individuals who are now standing as a collective, a collective that is unified through adversity, the collective that is unified by a common drive to turn the next page, to embark on the next stage within their journey of life."

Vice President of Student Council Lynnsie Hagman commended her classmates' diligence and courage.

"With the COVID-19 pandemic came immense struggles. To list just a few: Virtual instruction, social distancing, and the countless canceled activities such as homecoming, which got moved not once, not twice, but three different times," Hagman said.

Class President Madeline Douglas said the students' resiliency has enabled it to do great things and will continue to provide the Class of 2022 with opportunities.

"Our resiliency is the reason we're graduating today and is the reason we are able to continue to do great things," Douglas said. "Whether it be on the court on the field on the stage or in the classroom, the 2022 Woody seniors know how to do it and we know how to do it the best."

Superintendent Dr. Daniel Castagna and School Board President Carlton Scott each provided words of wisdom to the Class of 2022. Dr. Castagna shared memories of Sunday dinners with his parents and how he came to learn just how much work was required to put together such a delicious meal.

"You've heard it all before that the great things take time," Dr. Castagna said. "So, I stress to you today to learn to love the process."

Mr. Scott, a Woodland Hills alumni, welcomed the Class of 2022 into that vast network of graduates.

"Being Woodland Hills alumni means you are part of the vast network of 20,000 plus people who are spread across the city, country and the world. And who can identify with your lived experiences in this district, both positive and negative," Mr. Scott said. "I strongly encourage you to utilize that network as much as you can."

The ceremony also recognized three members of the Class of 2022 who left us too soon. The families of Jaiden Brown, Naomi Dutko and Micah Graham received posthumous diplomas from Principal Shelly Manns honoring their memory.

For photos from the ceremony, check out our Facebook page.

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