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Dawn Golden


Welcome to the Department of Pupil Personnel Services


The Pupil Personnel Department is responsible for coordinating and providing a variety of services to all students in the Woodland Hills School District both inside and outside of the school enviroment.  The Pupil Personnel Staff incudes, school counselors, school psychologist, social workers, RtII interventionists, school nurses and a residency enforcement officer.  These staff assist with providing assessments, diagnoses, counselling, educational and therapeutic support services to ensure a comprehensive education program. 


Ms. Dawn L. Golden
412-731-1300 ext. 0154

Email: goldda@whsd.net


Jennifer Rodgers

Special Education and Paraprofessional Services Coordinator

412-731-1300 ext. 0137

Email: rodgje@whsd.net



Lisa Shandrick


Administrative Secretary

412-731-1300 ext. 0152

Email: shanli@whsd.net



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*** New Immunization Requirements ***


  • 2 doses of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV), the second given at age 16 or entry into 12th grade.  The second dose will be required for entry into 12th grade this August or a written religious, philosophical, or medical exemption.  If the initial dose was given at age 16 or older, only one dose is required.
  • 4 doses of Polio (4th dose on or after 4th birthday and at lease 6 months after previous dose given) or a written religious, philosophical or medical exemption.  A 4th dose is not necessary if the 3rd dose was administered at age 4 years or older and at least 6 months after the previous dose.
  • As in the past, all students entering 7th grade will need to provide proof of one meningococcal conjugate vaccine and current Tdap vaccine for entry or a written religious, philosophical, or medical exemption.

Uninsured students can obtain these shots for FREE at the Allegheny County Health Department---412-578-8060.

Please contact your school nurse if your child has a medical or religious/moral exemption.


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