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Celebrating 100 Days of School!

Mrs. Muffi's Art Class

Kindergarten Martin Luther King activity

Kindergarten celebrating 100 Days of School!

Mrs. Muffi's Art Class

Quaver Music Program

Mrs. Muffi's Art Class

First Grade Martin Luther King activity

Mrs. Muffi's Art Class

Celebrating 100 Days of School!


Reading is Fun!

Celebrating 100 Days of School!

Band-Aid Activity

Millionaire Reading Club

Art projects in main showcase

Reading is Fun!

Art Project

First Grade Martin Luther King activity

Mrs. Muffi's Art Class

Celebrating 100 Days of School!

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Please click on this link to view the Agenda for the July 21, 2014 Legislative Meeting.

Please click on this link to view the Board Tabs for the July 21, 2014 Legislative Meeting.


Hello Academy Families,
As many of you know, a major renovation project is underway at the Woodland Hills Academy Turtle Creek location.  During this project, we have been relocated to:

7436 McClure Ave.

Swissvale, PA 15218

An Open House will be held some time in August to allow families to tour the facility before the school year officially starts. When this date is determined it will be posted on the website and a robo call will be made.

Our start time, dismissal time and phone number will remain the same as it did last year. 

Any questions or concerns, please call 412-824-2450 ext. 4120 or email me at

Former Pittsburgh Steeler Reaches At-Risk Students at WHHS

See how a the WHHS program was recently highlighted across Pennsylvania:



WHSD Pre-K Program

Woodland Hills School District will have two (2) Pre-K classrooms for the 2014-15 school year.  This program is open to residents whose children are four (4) years old by September 1, 2014 AND income is within 300% of federal poverty level.  Click here to see poverty chart.  No transportation is provided for Pre-K.  Please contact Renee Englert for availability at (412) 731-1300 x0155.


On Tuesday, June 10, eighth grade Academy students were promoted to the ninth grade.  This video was shown at the promotion ceremony displaying contemporary art work made by the students expaining the legacy they left behind at the Academy.

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Spring Concert

Beginning Band / Chorus / Intermediate Band



On Tuesday, June 3, fifth and sixth grade students conducted  "Alphabet Trails" in the Academy Gym for students in grade 4 and below, and at Dickson on Thursday, June 5.  Although we keep calling it, Alphabet Trails and Tails, (because that is the name of the actual event that takes place annually at Frick Park that inspired us to adapt the concept for a school project) we have to call it, "Story Walk" or "Awesome Alphabet Adventures.  "The idea of "Story Walk" is to bring literacy and art together.  The 5th and 6th grade students at the Academy, and the 6th grade students at Dickson completed artwork for each story.  We tied every letter in the alphabet to a childrens book.  The students basically brought the characters and the illustrations in the stories to life.

This was a great event on so many levels!  They include collaborating with another school (art teachers Mrs. Muffi and Mrs. Wagner), students working together, and older students being story tellers and performing the books for the younger students.  Check out our video!

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