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District Administration
District Administration
2430 Greensburg Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15221
Phone: 412-731-1300
Fax:     412-731-2974


Mr. Alan N. Johnson

Superintendent of Schools


Assistant to the Superintendent

Mr. Gerald Chessman

412-731-1300 Extension: 0178

Registration/Child Accounting
BJ Fialkovich - Coordinator
Cathy McCashin - Administrative Secretary

Registration Information
Business Office

Michael Gigliotti
Business Manager

Phone: 412-731-1300  Extension: 0133
Fax: 412-824-3234

Buildings & Grounds

John Besseck
Director of Facilities Management


Phone: 412-731-1300  Extension: 0191




Norman M. Catalano                   
Director of Curriculum
In today's world, curriculum is more than just a planned set of courses. It is a body of exposures, experiences and products that lead students to core knowledge and allows them  to apply that knowledge in the real world.

Federal Programs

Norman M. Catalano
Federal Programs Coordinator

Renee D. Englert
Federal Programs Facilitator
Normal 0

Betty Jean Fialkovich
PIMS Coordintator

Phone 412-731-1300                                                                               Fax: 412-256-4912

Angel Boyd,Director 

extension 0111


Teresa Hawthorne, Personnel Coordinator

extension 0113


Cheryl Muiter

Personnel Confidential Secretary

extension 0114


Pupil Personnel

Reginald J. Hickman
412-731-1300 ext. 0171

Special Education

Ms. Agatha Campbell Leonard     

Director of Special Education

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Transportation & Food Services

Siobhan Nicklow

Transportation and Food Service Coordinator

George A. Novak
Athletic Director
412/244-1100 ext. 5141
Information Technology

Information Technology Director: Gerry Chessman

Information Technology Manager: Steve Muiter

Network Administrator: Christopher D'Amico

Computer Desktop Support: Ted Whiting

Phone: 412-731-1300