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Our Schools
Woodland Hills Jr/Sr High School
2550 Greensburg Pike
Pittsburgh, PA 15221-3683
Principal:  Kevin Murray
Asst. Principal:  Sarah Kielar
Asst. Principal:  Candee Nagy
Asst. Principal:  Patrick Scott
Important Numbers:
7th Grade Principal - Dawn Golden 412-244-1100 x5123
7th Grade Secretary 412-244-1100 x5126
Athletic Office 412-244-1100 x5141
Athletic Trainer 412-244-1100 x5143
Attendance 412-244-1100 x5117
College Access Office 412-244-1100 x5139
Fax 412-242-2344
General (Main) 412-244-1100
Gifted Department 412-244-1100 x5148
Guidance 412-244-1100 x5130
Health Suite (School Nurse) 412-244-1100 x5150
Librarian 412-244-1100 x5194

WHSD 2015-2016 WHHS Calender:  Click Here

WHJSHS 8th Grade-12th Grade Bell Schedule: Click Here
WHJSHS 8th Grade-12th Grade 2-Hour Delay Schedule:  Click Here

WHJSHS 7th Grade Bell Schedule:  Click Here
WHJSHS 7th Grade 2-Hour Delay Schedule:  Click Here

Woodland Hills Intermediate
7600 Evans St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Principal:  Allison Kline
Asst. Principal:  Walter Gaida
Important Numbers:
Attendance 412-351-0698 x4217
Fax 412-351-4064
General (Main) 412-351-0698
Gifted 412-351-0698 x4247
Guidance 412-351-0698 x4231
Health Suite (School Nurse) 412-351-0698 x4250
Library 412-351-0698 x4294
Mr. Gaida 412-351-0698 x4222
Ms. Kline 412-351-0698 x4220
Technology 412-351-0698 x4200


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Woodland Hills Academy
126 Monroeville Ave.
Turtle Creek , PA 15145
Principal:  Kelly Berthold
Asst. Principal:  Lyndsey Love
Important Numbers:
Fax 412-824-2568
General (Main) 412-824-2450

Students may enter the building at 7:40 am.

The late bell rings at 8:00 am.

Dismissal is at 2:40 pm.

Dickson Elementary
7301 Schoyer Avenue
Swissvale, PA 15218
Principal:  Allison Kline
Asst. Principal:  Lyndsey Love
Important Numbers:
General (Main) 412-731-5816

Dickson Elementary School
2012 National Title I Distinguished School

Dickson Elementary is a kindergarten through sixth grade school with approximately 310 students. There are 14 homeroom classrooms, two autistic support classes, two learning support classes and two emotional support classes as well as gifted classes, speech, vision, and hearing support. In addition to core academic subjects, the children receive physical education, art, music and library. Technology is an integrated part of instruction with interactive Promethean boards and computers in the classrooms and I-pads and I-pods available for student use.  Dickson students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, including chorus, band, the Student Leadership Group, the Media Club, and orchestra. 

Our Core Beliefs

Through the use of research based instructional practices we believe the students will learn and make adequate progress toward meeting or exceeding state standards as evaluated through a variety of assessments. Students must be held accountable to high standards of learning, appropriate behavior and making positive choices.

Quality Professional Development will enhance learning, instruction and assessment.

Each student can become a lifelong learner reaching their full potential through research based instructional practices and encouragement by their teachers.

We believe that parental support is an integral part of the student's academic success and essential to creating a home/school partnership.

We believe through continuous professional development, our staff will enhance their instructional practices to continue to meet our students' educational needs.

Building Mission Statement

We will provide Dickson students with a creative and safe environment, excellent educational experiences that increase intellectual skills, collegiality, and respect for diversity, which will promote resilient and independent lifelong learners. We will promote a positive school culture through communication and collaboration among all key stakeholders.


Fairless Elementary
531 Jones Avenue
North Braddock, PA 15104
Principal:  Jean Livingston
Asst. Principal:  Vanessa Jackson
Important Numbers:
General (Main) 412-271-1317

Edgewood Elementary
241 Maple Avenue
Edgewood, PA 15218
Interim Principal:  Vanessa Jackson
Administrator:  Craig Jackson
Important Numbers:
Administration 412-731-2238
Fax 412-731-2256
General (Main) 412-731-2238
Health Suite (School Nurse) Ext. 2150

Woodland Hills Promise
235 4th Avenue
Rankin, PA 15104
Principal:  Janet Wilson-carter
Important Numbers:
General (Main) 412-271-2957

Wilkins Primary School
362 Churchill Road
Wilkins Township, PA 15235
Principal:  Jean Livingston
Important Numbers:
General (Main) 412-824-3231

Welcome to The Woodland Hills Primary School at Wilkins!! 

We at Wilkins Primary believe in the 5 P 's:






We encourage parents to work closely with us to foster a positive image between school and home. Children will learn better when they know that the school and their family share an interest in their education and welfare.

Thank you for choosing Wilkins Primary!!