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Ms. Kiro's kindergarten class celebrates Dr. Seuss's birthday.

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Shaffer Students L.E.A.D.

(Learn, Excel, Achieve, and Dream)


A Message from Dr. Deborah M. Vereen, Principal:

Greetings and welcome to the 2014 - 2015 school year.

Approximately 300 children attend Shaffer Elementary School.  Consistently noted for academic excellence, our school is also safe and caring. All of our teachers and staff members are highly qualified and share the pride of working together with our parents and community as "A Team Committed To Excellence" to make the educational experience as positive and dynamic as possible for each child.

Students enrolled in kindergarten through grades six attend Shaffer Elementary School. The mission of Shaffer is that it is "dedicated to ensuring that each child has equal access to all school wide educational programs and resources by providing the highest standards of quality teaching from the instructional and support staff."

Teachers use the very best instructional practices in order to service the individualized learning needs of our students.  Technology is successfully integrated into the curriculum at every instructional level.  Various student academic and positive behavioral interventions provided within our school function to support the unique needs of each child. The variety of student incentive programs help to celebrate student success as well as to encourage our learners to excel as well as to make positive educational choices. Our one-of-a-kind child-oriented activities make learning fun at school.

We encourage parents to be active participants in their child's education.  Parents are urged to remain engaged in the entire educational program of their children by:  

  • getting to know your child's teachers at the start of the school year and maintaining open lines of communications with them throughout the entire school year regarding your child's overall academic and behavioral progress;
  • providing a quiet work station at home and closely monitoring your child's homework;
  • using the Shaffer Calendar to plan to participate in and attend the variety of family oriented events at Shaffer;
  • visiting the Parent Resource Center at our school to provide you with many different supports that will assist you in your daily lives;
  • speaking to staff member who will provide specialized supports like Mrs. Walter, Certified School Nurse; Ms. Baldige, Home School Visitor; and Mrs. Boluda, Behavior Interventionist; and
  • becoming an active member of the PTO to support the programs at Shaffer as well as to provide your input to help our school become even greater (planning may be done in the Parent Resource Room located in the school).

For the current school year, Service Learning with be accentuated on a regular basis.  The staff and all of the children will have opportunities to serve our local, national, and global community.  The Shaffer Calendar will reflect the official monthly service themes that we will endeavor to support.  A planning sheet will be found in the calendar to help parents engage their family in service projects at home and within the community.

Please feel free to notify me or the school to schedule a conference to meet with us as needed. Additional helpful resource materials are available within our webpage for your careful review.

Thank you for choosing the



Shaffer Elementary School.

"A school can create an environment so potent that for at least six hours a day it can override everything else in the lives of childern."

Ron Edmonds






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